A Press Release for Westport Lake:  

This live favourite is released only on enhanced CD (we say only, though the extra value for money implications of including the video are obvious, not to mention the thrill of seeing Claudia riding a horse in her swimsuit - more on this later. All you need is a computer and CD ROM player as we're sure you know.)



One hard-bitten A&R Senior Executive was moved to remark that the chorus was the best he'd heard in ten( yes, ten) years. We wanted to tell him to get out a bit more but the flattery was sufficient to prevent this. So what about the verses, eh? Not good enough for you? Needless to say, the A&RSE was fired soon afterwards...



The sound? Petula Clark meets the Beach Boys (well, she probably has for all we know - maybe they would have had a little sing-song 'round the old joanna, a bit of a West Coast knees-up, and ended up sounding a bit Gaminesque.) By the way, Westport Lake is in Stoke. Which is where our top lyricist, Bill " I was a star once, me" Pritchard, lives. By now you'll have gathered that we're not talking about the dodgy French rock band, but a new and beautiful thing.



Anyway, we got a bit carried away and did a dance remix with heavenly choirs, trumpet solos and all that kind of nonsense. And the night before mastering, Gamine decided to record "Checkmate", with their 'characterful' old piano completing the broken-down jazz mood to perfection.



Did we mention the video? Well, we made it ourselves for the price of a cup of tea and a jam sponge and custard, but the 70's Italian porn look is entirely accidental. Of course.